MobiAssist Main Components


SOTI MobiAssist is a powerful, easy-to-use remote support solution comprising four main components: the Administration Website, Technician Website, MobiAssist Console and Device Agents.

MobiAssist Administrative Website

Administrative Web Dashboard.
The Administrator website allows administrators to manage user accounts and queues, configure their administrator dashboard, download MobiAssist software and generate appropriate reports. You can access the Administrator website via the MobiAssist Login box at the top right of the page.

MobiAssist Technician Website

User Web Dashboard.
The Technician website allows helpdesk technicians to manage their own support queues, download MobiAssist software, view their technician dashboard and generate their own reports. You can access the Technician website via the MobiAssist Login box at the top right of the page.

MobiAssist Console

MobiAssist Console.
MobiAssist Console is an interface used by support technicians to conduct remote support sessions. Technicians can initiate new sessions or respond to online customer requests waiting in a shared Queue.
MobiAssist Console can be used in various ways :
  • Connect directly to the customer via MobiAssist-generated PIN or email link.
  • View and remotely control devices and desktops
  • Store detailed session history and notes
  • Explore files, registry entries, processes, and services of the remote device
  • Chat with remote users and fellow technicians
  • Perform detailed system diagnostics and maintenance including reboot-then-reconnect and factory reset
  • Create and remote control multiple sessions simultaneously.

MobiAssist Agents

Currently, there are four different agents available: MobiAssist Windows Agent.
  • MobiAssist Windows Desktop Agent
  • MobiAssist Windows Mobile Agent
  • MobiAssist Windows CE Agent
  • MobiAssist BlackBerry Agent
These agents allow remote users to initiate a remote connection between their respective devices and the technicians using the MobiAssist Console.

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