Helpdesk Tools for Technicians
MobiAssist provides support technicians with an easy and reliable way to remotely control and support any BlackBerry, Windows Mobile/CE smartphone/Rugged Device, or Windows Desktop/Laptop. Listed below are the tools and utilities available in the MobiAssist Web Portal and Technician Console.
Remote Control Conferencing Technology (new)
SOTI brings the world's first such technology for the mobile platform, allowing an unlimited number of technicians to instantly join a MobiAssist session in progress to view and control the end user’s mobile device or desktop. Technicians in the shared session can also instantly show their own desktop screen and give mouse and keyboard control to other technicians if required.

Unattended Access (new)
Connect to a remote device when no end-user is present. Unattended access allows desktop machines like servers to be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Additional security is added by configuring a schedule when the machine can be remote controlled into.

RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Integration (new)
BES Administrators and support technicians can now directly view device information like Username, email, PIN, Phone Number, Carrier, Model, OS, and also instantly and securely remote control any BlackBerry in their BES/BESX without the end user initiating the connection.

Detailed Support Session History
Support technicians can resolve problems faster by referencing summary information about similar past sessions. Technicians can also view the entire session history for the specific device they are supporting at the time.

Multi-Platform Remote Control
Perform remote control support on devices and desktops that run BlackBerry or Windows Mobile/CE/Desktop OSes.

Smartphone Support
Remote control, configure and manage smartphones running the BlackBerry or Windows Mobile OS. MobiAssist displays the remote smartphone’s screen and device skin on the Technician’s computer. Upon initiation of the remote control session, the Technician and remote user share control of the smartphone’s screen and keypad.

MobiAssist Technician Console
The powerful Technician Console provides advanced features to control the device remotely, transfer files, edit the Windows registry, record macros, capture screen images, record videos, view BlackBerry Service Books and even download BlackBerry event logs over the air!

Remote Diagnostics
This provides a snapshot of the system information as well as tools to view and manipulate services, tasks, and applications running on a remote device.

Technician-to-Remote User Chat
MobiAssist enables Technicians to support remote devices without needing to speak with end users directly by phone. With Instant Chat, Technicians can communicate directly with end users and other Technicians through the MobiAssist application, across different OS platforms.

Technician-to-Technician Chat
Technicians can collaborate or share with each other through the Technician-to-Technician Instant Chat.

Easy File Transfer
Multiple files and folders can be dragged and dropped from the technician’s computer to the remote device and vice-versa.

Hotline Support
Remote users don’t have to call the helpdesk to receive a PIN. A pre-populated PIN is stored in the registry of a user’s device. Using this feature, end users can easily connect to a helpdesk without having to type in the usual 6-digit PIN code.

Reboot and Reconnect
During a support session, remote devices can be rebooted and reconnected automatically to the helpdesk, thus reducing the need for an end user’s intervention while remote controlling a device.

Support Session History
Technicians can review their own session history and administrators can review other technicians’ sessions. This is useful for getting session feedback and benchmarking support standards.

Handling Multiple Sessions
Technicians can conduct multiple sessions simultaneously with the MobiAssist Console.

Communication Tools
The laser pointer and instant chat features can be used to enhance communication between technicians and end users.

Session Transfer
Support sessions can be transferred from one technician to another or from one level of support staff to another.

Technician Website
Technicians can access the Technician Dashboard, manage their own support queues, review session history, generate performance metric reports and download the MobiAssist software directly.

Technician Dashboard for Self-Assessment
Technicians can quickly assess their own performance by reviewing average helpdesk metrics and generating performance-related reports.

Management and Training Tools for Managers
SOTI MobiAssist provides effective tools for Helpdesk Managers and Administrators to manage their fleet of support technicians, increase first call resolutions, reduce operating costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Advanced Technician Access Rights (new)
Administrators have the flexibility to configure each support technician’s initial access when a MobiAssist session starts and also configure what features they can request from an end user.

Custom Terms and Conditions (new)
Have end users accept a set of Terms and Conditions prior to starting any remote control session ensuring support technicians aren’t accessing devices without consent from the end user.

Scheduled Reports (new)
Get visibility into your support operation. Administrators can now customize and schedule reports.

Session Termination Reasons (new)
Administrators can now create a list of common support status/resolutions for Technicians to select when ending a session. This helps Technicians save time from typing detailed resolutions of identified issues and enables tracking of problems the Helpdesk is facing.

Administrator Web Portal
Through this online portal Administrators can manage user accounts and permissions; create queues and hotlines; and generate comprehensive reports.

Administrator Dashboard for Technician Management and Performance Reports
A sleek web-based dashboard provides an overview of technician performance and the helpdesk’s day-to-day operational metrics. Furthermore, detailed reports help administrators analyze the health of their respective helpdesks. All reports can be downloaded in .pdf, .xls and .csv format.

Support Session Recording / Training
Sessions can be recorded and can be used to train helpdesk support staff or to review issues offline, after the session has ended.

Technician and Customer Satisfaction Reporting
Data captured through customer satisfaction surveys are presented to the administrator in the form of a report.

Enhance Mobile Support within your Organization
Salesforce Integration
Free SOTI App Exchange application which integrates SOTI MobiAssist with SalesForce! SalesForce users will be able to create a SOTI MobiAssist session directly from a case for their clients.

BMC Remedy Integration (new)
Support technicians using BMC Remedy Service Desk can launch a secure, remote MobiAssist support session directly from a ticket and instantly being troubleshooting and resolving a problem on the first call.

Manage IT Costs
SOTI MobiAssist is a cloud-based solution (following a Software as a Service model) so organizations do not need to purchase additional hardware or IT resources. Organizations can thereby reduce overhead costs associated with server and software installation and maintenance and focus instead on their core competencies.

Gain economies of scale
The MobiAssist cloud employs redundant architecture and runs at a fraction of its total capacity, so the applications scale seamlessly and efficiently at a much lower cost. Organizations can tap into MobiAssist SaaS solutions and leverage the economies of scale that SOTI has achieved with millions of users worldwide.

Pay as you go
The monthly subscription payment plan includes upgrades and enhancements as well as online training and support.

Save time
Ease of implementation, platform flexibility, real-time collaboration and support create significant time savings while enhancing worker productivity. Organizations can liberate themselves from the traditional software deployment—hidden costs, high risks, and lengthy implementations. The MobiAssist solution can be deployed practically instantly, while a typical on-premise application would take months to deploy. These time-savings result in a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Focus on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure
Organizations can eliminate high costs and time-consuming IT functions:
i. Avoid purchasing, installing, and supporting a server infrastructure to install and maintain applications.
ii. Eliminate the need to acquire and store redundant equipment to ensure security, reliability, and scalability.
iii. Let SOTI manage application maintenance and upgrades.
Organizations can rely on SOTI to maintain their MobiAssist installation on our robust, global Collaboration Cloud infrastructure. SOTI’s enterprise networks provide the highest levels of security, reliability, redundancy, and network monitoring—as an extension of an organization’s enterprise security. MobiAssist allows organizations to divert most of their resources to support other IT applications, reclaim time spent troubleshooting third-party MDM software, focus on core competencies, and improve day-to-day technical operations.
Gain instant access to innovation
SOTI works continually to improve the user experience with MobiAssist solutions by provisioning maintenance and upgrades on a consistent schedule, so that end users always have the latest capabilities. Organizations can take immediate advantage of these process and feature enhancements as a part of the customer subscription.

SOTI MobiAssist utilizes advanced encryption algorithms to properly secure any user data transmitted during remote control sessions.
Revoke Access Rights (new)
End user can revoke any granted access rights that he / she might have granted to the support technician.

Data Encryption
MobiAssist sessions auto-negotiate to the highest level of encryption supported by the device, either 256 bit AES or 128 bit Triple DES algorithms. All encryption algorithms are FIPS 140-2 certified.

Remote User
The end user must grant permission to a technician in order for them to use MobiAssist functions, such as resetting a device, acquiring system information, and changing registry information on the end user’s device or desktop.

Session Termination
At any point in time, if a customer is not satisfied with the session, he/she can terminate the session.

Session History
Helpdesk managers can keep a record of their technicians’ work using session history reports.


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